Flight Schools South Africa quality training and great experiences

Looking for flying schools that offer you world-class training, competitive prices and a great time? Flight Schools South Africa offers all this and more.

South African flight schools have a great reputation for quality training and the opportunity to have fun - beaches and warm seas, friendly local people, great game reserves - while you learn to fly.

The cost of flight schools in South Africa - even taking into account the cost of getting to South Africa and accommodation - is generally lower than flying lessons in your own country.

We take care of all your flight school needs

We take care of all your arangements Airborn Pilot Training makes all the arrangements with the best flight schools in South Africa - medicals, lessons, accommodation, car hire - even scuba and snorkeling trips and visits to game reserves and the magnificent Drakensberg mountains.

We take care of everything! No fears of having chosen the wrong flight school or the wrong accommodation.

We have contact with all the flight schools in South Africa and recommend the flying schools and accommodation that best suit your needs and budget.

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  These are basic indication prices which will vary by location and exclude accommodation.
  Various upgrades and ratings are available at added cost.

  • Fixed Wing PPL (Private Pilots License) = R 115 000
  • Fixed Wing CPL (Commercial Pilots License) = PPL + R 260 000
  • WCM (Weightshift Controlled Microlight) = R 55 000
            ( depending on location & accommodation )
  • LSA (Light Sports Aircraft) = R 90 000
  • HPPL (Helicopter Private Pilots License) = R 315 000
  • HCPL (Helicopter Commercial Pilots License) = HPPL + R 785 000
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To contact us about flying schools in South Africa

To find our more about flying schools in South Africa - and to ask us ALL the questions you would like to ask - click here

Helicopter training

Flight schools in South Africa - could you ask for more?

We offer an experience of a lifetime including

  • Fun experience in another country
  • fun after-hours and at weekends
  • Sunny beaches, swimming and surfing in warm sea
  • Friendly local people
  • Scuba diving and snorkeling
  • Elephants, lions, rhinos etc in easy to reach game reserves
  • Much lower costs than in Europe
  • Accommodation five minutes walk from the flight school

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For a Unique helicopter training experience involving
Game Conservation
in South Africa-
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